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Inventors of the Mayor Tectonic Scale

Originally conceived in october 2015, the band underwent a few structural changes during the ends of 2019 and 2020.

The band, consisting former members of Silverweed, Silver Bullet Machine, The Leonard Watson corp., Sequoia, Tramp Stamp, Fat Bastard & Tubabb rock their way in between the sounds of a variety of Classic rock, Blues, Punk, Vintage psychedelics, Metal, Stoner, Pop and other sonic stuff.
Current band members are: Steve Myrtle (Leadvocals), Troy Derden (guitar, Backing vocals), Boulli T (drums, backing vocals) and last but not least, Thomas Luther  (bass, backing vocals)
Their personal musical influences result in their current schizophrenic setlists and sound.
They maintain a constant search for new impressions and aim to stretch the boundaries of twisted alternative rock.


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Cafe Den Breughel Closed, Show Cancelled

Wranglers Cafe

RMastentop 2022.jpg

Rock Mastentop 2023 Festival


22 november 2022

We'll be attending the 'Durango sessions' for a performance and an interview session. Stay tuned.

Deurnestraat 3
3583 Paal


2 April 2023

Live set at Cafe Den Breughel in the heart of charming Lier.

Eikelstraat 30, 2500 Lier

Saturday 15 April 2023

We will be playing at Wranglers Café at Liersesteenweg 17, 2221 Heist-op-den-Berg.

Saturday 13 may 2023

LoqoMotiV is attending the Rock Mastentop 2023 festival.

Soccerfield FC Mastentop,

Viertjens, Kasterlee


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+32 492 50 93 49

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